2018 Artist of Year

is proud to announce the 2018 artist of the year:

Tino Rodriguez

– Far away from the sterile, pseudo-sanctified realm of the art museum, Tino Rodriguez gained his first exposure to the art world in the Catholic churches of Mexico. In these mysterious, hushed interiors, images of saints and angels seduced him, the scent of candle wax and incense beguiled him. Angels in particular – androgynous, half animal-half human creatures – captivated Rodriguez with their allure. The legacy of this seduction is visible in Rodriguez’ work.

His fantastic paintings are present postmodern fairy tales. Their mythical qualities stem from childhood legacies. Rodriguez came of age surrounded by the Mexican tradition of oral story telling. His grandmother, family and friends passed on stories as diverse as La Llorona, Little Riding Hood, and tales of the Brothers Grimm, as well as Aztec & Mayan myths. In his paintings such different cultural influences now commingle with art historical references, Hindu deities and allusions to the contemporary world.

-Charlene Villaseñor-Black

I am filled with joy to have been invited to this beautiful, pre-hispanic, pagan celebration in which we celebrate the life within the death. Death is such a universal theme and has always been part of our Mexican culture ( And many other cultures in the world). This is a time in which we wipe away our tears and welcome death into our homes and hearts. Hollywood Forever as been celebrating this beautiful and profound ritual for 19 years and I am happy to be part of their family history in helping them welcome “El Dia de los Muertos Tino on being part of LA Hollywood Forever’s Day of the Dead.

“May the ones we love, hear our incantations and be joyful at our songs and dance, wherever they are.”



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